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Staff Picks- February 2016

February – 2016
Staff Members:  Annie and Tony Jablonski
What do I love about Missoula?   WOW  so much to love.
Annie and Tony
  Community Gardens – I love gardening and believe that anyone that wants to grow food should have that opportunity, and they do with the programs in Missoula.
  Our Breweries – 17 of them, or has that number increased?  We have some of the best craft beers one can find locally.  We are spoiled.
  Public Transportation – I love that we can ride the public bus for free.  Would love to see the service expanded so that more people can take advantage of it and leave their vehicles at home.
  Our Fabulous Bakeries – I used to be a Baker in a Health Food Restaurant and appreciate the work and love that goes into the wonderful fresh breads we have here.
  Bike/Walking Trails -To live in town and yet have so many places to walk, bike and  hike is simply FABULOUS.

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