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Staff Picks- March 2016

March Staff Pick- Sarah Mulligan!
Feeling Irish?
My family has Irish blood through and through and we never miss Missoula’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Our community really knows how to do parades!  It’s so much fun to see the little gymnasts, high school bands, fun floats, and even the occasional politician.  But my favorite part is realizing how many people you know in the parade (and along the sidelines).  This year’s parade is Saturday, March 12. It begins at noon and starts at Circle Square on North Higgins and ends at South Higgins and Beckwith near Grizzly Grocery.I’ll be at my usual spot!


My latest favorite place to eat?
I’ve fallen in love with the Iron Griz—and American Bistro. It sits at the base of Mount Sentinel and overlooks the University of Montana golf course.  They use local, regional, and sustainably produced ingredients. Try the fondue but for a real treat there is a beet reuben sandwich that is simply amazing—and I’m not a fan of beets!
Link:  irongriz.com
Next time you want to relax and play a bit?
Check out Silver Summit, A Playground for Everyone located in McCormick Park right next to Currents Aquatics Center.  This park represents so much of what I love about Missoula. We are lucky to have people who care enough to create play spaces that work for everyone.  Look carefully and you will see that every single piece of playground equipment has been carefully selected to be fun and challenging for children with and without disabilities—and their families.  It’s beautiful and so much fun.  Even if you don’t have children, take a break and go watch what happens at Silver Summit—you will be impressed and proud of Missoula. Check out their Facebook page—another amazing playground is in the works.
If all else fails, go climb a tree!  My little ones tell me that there are zillions of trees to climb in Missoula!

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